RTW Logistics offers full-service warehouse services designed to meet various warehouse services.


RTW Logistics has been helping companies work smarter by providing Third-party logistics (3PL) services including order fulfillment, long and short-term shortage, cross docking, and other services. We specialize in developing solutions to improve reduce cost through various pricing models. Our facilities are in Stockton, CA and Seattle, WA. Each facility is equipment with state-of-the-art WMS software to manage inventory demands.

As a 3PL provider, our warehouse facilities are designed to store products for multiple clients. We are permitted to handle a wide range of commodities ranging from general merchandise to food products (E.G., grains and sugars). Our warehouses are configured to include pallet racking, bulk and shelf/bin locations for either short- or long-term needs. We also support Business to Business (B2) opportunities.

RTW Logistics facilities include an expandable Warehouse Management System (WMS) to accommodate all distribution activities. Each facility is safe and secured including gates, burglar alarm, fire alarm, and surveillance camera system.