RTW Logistics can offer an air freight solution for shipments around the globe and for a wide variety of commodities.


RTW Logistics can offer flexible and integrated solutions for an evolving industry. We offer reliable solutions that are designed to fulfill your company’s corporate objectives. We specialize in providing international air freight forwarding services that are customizable for companies large and small. We are equipped to arrange small express shipments to large air charter projects that will surpass your expectations. RTW Logistics offers the latest software and a large network across the globe, ensuring your shipments are handled with the best care.

RTW Logistics is experienced in commodities such as the automotive, food and drink, chemicals, Pharmateuticals, packing, retail, and eCommerce industries. Our staff verifies each commodity to ensure all permits or documentation by either the carrier or government agency are obtained prior to arranging a cargo. We are compliance minded with a corporate objective to not move any cargo unless all regulatory requirements are accomplished.

RTW offers innovative online tracking systems will allow you to check the status of your consignment, at any time of day or night. With our tracking service, you can better plan your logistical needs and gives you a heads up for an alternative plan should things go wrong. This gives you a peace of mind and ensures that you fulfill your commitment to providers and clients along your supply chain. We keep the client updated with reliable information all the way to destination.

Our Capabilities :

  • 1

    Export and Import services

  • 2

    Door to door worldwide solutions

  • 3

    Global solutions that combine speed, flexibility, and value

  • 4

    Expeditated, priority or standard airfreight services

  • 5

    Regulatory compliance knowledge

  • 6

    Import and export documentation expertise